New Orleans’ hospitality and tourism sector represent the city’s largest industry and over 100,000 jobs. Many things contribute to this thriving tourism ecosystem. The city’s authentic culture, rich history, food, music, people, walkability, and architecture to name a few.


To continue to grow this industry New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation and the Convention & Visitors Bureau (now known as New Orleans & Co.) commissioned a Boston Consulting Group to develop a strategic plan for the New Orleans tourism and hospitality industry.


Of the 12 strategic recommendations made by BCG, one was very clear. For the city of New Orleans to continue to create more food and music festivals to attract more visitors and generate more economic opportunity for local restaurants, production firms, musicians, etc.


Fest for Success is a direct response to that recommendation. The goal is to develop and nurture new ventures while creating a framework to help existing events grow and scale.


The goal of Fest for Success is to create help new festival concepts come to fruition, and existing concepts grow and scale to generate $100 Million of new economic impact over the next five years.